Hosting Solutions Affordable IT dot CA

Hosting Solutions at Affordable IT dot CA include a variety of website, e-mail, exchange mail, custom applications, cloud solutions, and IBM Domino hosting solutions for any budget. Talk to us today to find out how our hosting solutions can help your business.

Hosting Solutions Affordable IT dot CA - WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a free to use web base content management system (CMS) that provides hundreds of free templates and plugins. Have complete control over your design and code. Install and customize any WordPress theme you want or build your own with PHP, HTML and CSS.

The easy to use interface means anyone can create a beautiful and vibrant website for your company, or have the Affordable IT dot CA team punch it up to the next level for you.

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Hosting Solutions Affordable IT dot CA - HTML Hosting
Looking for the flexibility that HTML, PHP and CSS can provide? Affordable IT hosts on secure Apache Web Servers to accommodate you. If you have your own in house development skills, this will be a breeze for you, or you can utilise the Affordable IT dot CA development team to build your vibrant and fully functional website.

Hosting Solutions Affordable IT dot CA - Plesk Hosting
Plesk is web hosting platform software that provides users with a control panel (cPanel) to manage all aspects of your website, FTP accounts, IMAP/POP email accounts, and a variety of web based applications from a single interface. You can manage your own hosting environment or Affordable IT dot CA staff can manage it for you. Some of the benefits of Plesk are:

  • Upload and manage files in websites or Applications
  • Create user accounts for FTP
  • Create and manage email accounts
  • Create and manage SQL databases
  • Backup and restore site files
  • Fully integrated WordPress server

Hosting Solutions Affordable IT dot CA - Exchange Outlook Mail Hosting
Affordable IT dot CA provides secure Exchange Mail hosting. If you use Outlook for mail, calendars and contacts, and need to sync data to all of your mobile devices such as your cell phone, tablet and laptop, then Exchange Mail hosting is the solution for you..

  • ActiveSync for Contacts, Calendars and To Do’s across all connected devices (apple, Android, Blackberry)
  • Use your existing Outlook Mail client
  • 50 GB of disk space for your mail file
  • Free e-mail Aliases (example –
  • Web access to your mail when you are away from your devices

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Hosting Solutions Affordable IT dot CA - Pop or IMAP mail
Perhaps you need a basic mail service that doesn’t require calendar or contact synchronisation. Affordable IT dot CA provides basic POP and IMAP mail service. This type of mail account can be very useful for automated mail services, basic e-mail connectivity, or when one way communication is required. This type of mail account is also available through a web access portal.

Hosting Solutions Affordable IT dot CA - IBM Notes and Domino Hosting
IBM® Notes® (formerly IBM Lotus® Notes) is how a modern business connects to customers. The IBM Notes client integrates e-mail, business applications and social collaboration into one easy to use work-space. Affordable IT dot CA can build custom business applications to suit your business’ needs and integrate them into your mail, calendar, contacts and corporate address book making IBM Notes a single pane of glass for all your business applications. Ask us how IBM Notes can help your company save money while getting Enterprise class applications.

Hosting Solutions Affordable IT dot CA - Customer Problem Tracking Hosting Solutions Affordable IT dot CA - CRM Customer Invoicing Hosting Solutions Affordable IT dot CA - Small Business Accounting Hosting Solutions Affordable IT dot CA - SugarCRM CRM Hosting
Affordable IT dot CA can host your Open Source Software that you can manage yourself or have us do it for you. Open source software is software with source code that anyone can inspect, modify, enhance, and use for their own purposes. To many, Open Source simply means “free”, but it is really much, much more than that. There are teams of people and projects dedicated to bringing you purposeful and meaningful software. They believe software should not have restrictive licenses tied to them, and that anyone who can further the usefulness of the software can without the legal problems caused by licensing models employed by many of the big software companies.

Affordable IT dot CA can not only host these applications for you, but can also customise the software for your specific purposes and, with your permission, roll these enhancements back out to the Open Source Community so that it continues to grow and thrive. Ask us about Open Source Software and how you might benefit from this community.