IT Services for Small Business

Affordable IT dot CA provides IT Services for Small Business. We provide services in Newmarket, Aurora, Toronto, Kitchener, Hamilton and Brantford areas. Our skilled technicians allows the small business owner to concentrate on the the focus of their business, while knowing technology is working FOR them instead of against them.

If you don’t see the service you need listed below, ask us. We have more than 30 years experience in the Information Technology field and chances are we can help.

IT Services Small Business - Web Development
Need help sprucing up your website? Affordable IT dot CA can help. We have experience in WordPress site development as well as HTML/CSS/PHP development. If you know what you want your site to say to the world, we can make it look unique and professional. Affordable IT dot CA can also provide web automation for businesses with more complex requirements of their website.

IT Services for Small Business - SEO & Google Adwords Management
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google AdWords campaigns are no longer optional website tools. They are so effective at driving traffic to your website they have become the mandatory standard for business web pages. Affordable IT dot CA will help you optimise your organic search engine results and/or manage your Google AdWords campaign to bring customer traffic to your website and track how they interact with your site

IT Services for Small Business - Onsite or Remote Desktop Support
Need it fixed right away? Can’t wait for a tech to arrive to fix your system? Fear not! Affordable IT dot CA offers ConnectWise to securely connect to your system to make repairs. In fact, you can use ConnectWise to send us a message right from your desktop to let us know you need help. Using Connectwise means faster, less expensive fixes for softwware and OS issues on your system. Call Affordable IT dot CA to find out how ConnectWise remote connection can save you money and keep your systems running at peak performance.

IT Services for Small Business - pfsense
IT Services for Small Business - Kaspersky
In today’s world, Firewalls, Antivirus, and Security Suites are not an option! Perhaps you know someone who has had their drives encrypted with Ransomware and had to pay thousands to unlock their files…perhaps you don’t. The sad truth is there is no fool proof way to fully protect against such threats, but you can take steps to make the bad guys job harder and mitigate the chances they get through.

In addition to informing you of best practices to avoid these attacks, Affordable IT dot CA recommends a strong and redundant back up strategy in conjunction with a stateful firewall and antivirus/security suite.

Firewalls aren’t as expensive as they use to be. Depending on the size of your office there are firewalls available for about $150 USD. We offer and recommend Netgate’s PFSense firewall which provides a rock solid firewall, that uses low power and is very affordable. These devices are very small and multi-functional and will help you keep the bad guys out of your network.

We also offer and recommend Kaspersky For Business which we can install, configure and manage for you. Kaspersky is a recognised leader in virus detection, can be applied to mobile devices as well as desktops, and can be centrally managed to simplify the process of protecting multiple machines.

IT Services for Small Business - Point of Sale (POS) Systems
Have a POS system and software you need to keep running? Affordable IT dot CA can help! Let’s face it… If your POS system is down, your business is down. We can help keep your systems patched and running at peak performance as well as implement back up policies, UPS’s, surge protection and hardware maintenance to ensure your POS is never the cause of you losing business.

Don’t have a POS system yet, but considering? Ask us which system is best suited to your needs and avoid disappointments with POS systems that aren’t suited to your business.

IT Services for Small Business - Back Ups
A solid back up strategy is the best way to ensure your business never loses important files. The best strategy will have three separate backups. The first to a local network drive. The second to the cloud. The third is taken manually to a USB disk then removed from the premises on a regular basis. Affordable IT dot CA uses several backup tools and scripts to make sure your data is always in a safe place to prevent disaster should the worst happen.

IT Services for Small Business - Domain Name Registration & Management
Affordable IT dot CA offers domain name registration and management. You need not worry about your mail or website going down because you forgot your renewal. We will handle that for you. We will also manage DNS configuration with anti spam and auto configure entries. This will ensure that you and your customers enjoy seamless access to your services. This is a free service we offer to all web and e-mail hosting customers.