Outlook-Exchange Email Hosting

Affordable IT offers managed Outlook-Exchange email hosting that will give your business a boost in productivity without any additional steps or software. You can access all of Outlook’s functionality, from multiple devices including your Mac/PC desktop or laptop, your smart phone, as well as through a browser from anywhere in the world.

Professional Outlook-Exchange Hosting

Exchange Mail Hosting in Newmarket, Aurora, Toronto, Brantford

Outlook is the e-mail client that comes with Microsoft Office and is considered to be a business ready application for communication and collaboration. You probably already use it at your business to communicate with your customers, suppliers, employees and partners. Most small businesses use the Outlook client with POP or IMAP protocols to connect to the server that is provided by your hosting provider. This type of set up can actually reduce the effectiveness and power of Outlook because the POP and IMAP protocols are decades old and not adding new functionality. For example, POP and IMAP cannot synchronize your calendar events across multiple devices. A hosting provider that offers an Exchange server service allows the Outlook client to do this with ease and unleashes the power that Outlook provides.

With Affordable IT dot CA’s Managed IT services, you don’t need a physical server, special license or the skills/knowledge required to manage an Exchange server. We do that for you which allows you to focus on the day to day  business activities that make you money.

Affordable IT dot CA provides Exchange hosting from servers that are located here, in Canada, at a highly secure location in Quebec.

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Benefits of Outlook-Exchange Email Hosting

Integration of email, calendar and contacts — Email is the primary mode of communication for business today. Outlook users typically see Outlook as one place to effectively communicate, set up meetings, find more information about your contacts, and create & delegate tasks.

ActiveSync – Synchronize all Mail, Calendars, Contacts and Task across multiple devices. ActiveSync is compatible on most modern mobile devices and when used with Exchange Server/Outlook, ensures the changes you make on your phone/tablet are immediately made on your desktop as well.

Offline access to email —  You can create Mail, Calendar entries and Tasks with outlook while offline (Not connected to the internet), which will immediately be synchronized to the exchange server as soon as you do connect outlook to the internet.

Categorize email items to stay organized — With Outlook, users have the ability to assign categories to mail messages, calendar appointments, and tasks. Items can have multiple categories to classify it in more than one way as well as have a colour code each category to provide a visual cue. POP and IMAP protocols have difficulty with this making the feature useless.

Flags, changing importance of email — As it is with Categories, IMAP and POP protocols have difficulty with Outlook Flags and e-mail Importance markers making the outlook feature useless unless used with an Exchange Server.

Out of Office and Rules — Outlook provides for Out of Office notification and rules that allow you to automatically process specific e-mails or e-mails from specific people. IMAP and POP servers do not allow for these functions to work properly. There are methods to work around this for Out of Office, however, these methods are not reliable.

Scheduling meeting rooms — For businesses that have meeting rooms, you can use the Exchange server to manage a calendar for the room, which effectively prevents double booking of the room as a resource.

Sharing and delegating calendars — Securely sharing and/or delegating a calendar is not possible with POP and IMAP protocols. With a hosted Exchange Server from Affordable IT dot CA, your Administrative assistant will be able to manage your calendar, schedule meetings on your behalf, and view multiple employee calendars in one place making organization of meetings and events a breeze.